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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First news update. I finally found out how to use the "onmouseover" and "onmouseout" functions in a way that didn't involve Java scripting and that actually WORKED. Took me long enough, too. Now I have to do...the entire site.
It's done! Version 2.0 of ('beta') is done! All pages up, at least some content on every one. Keep in mind that this is still a bare-bones site, I'll make it more interesting later.
Enjoy the site, released at 7:40 (that's in three minutes, I better finalize).
That was fast, right? Anyway, I made it so that the icon for the page you're on stays on the page, just in 'selected' mode. It helps me, at least, get a feel for where I am in the site. In addition, I took those dumb dividers off of the table on the links page, and acknowledged that I would eventually post my Webcomics list. Hopefully this'll be the last update today. Again, enjoy the site!
8:30: wasn't. But this one is! I just had to post who hosted this site in the footer, and note that the emails weren't up yet. Also, I moved the site counters up two lines. Oh yeah, there's a pair of counters counts how many views this page has gotten and the other counts how many people have ever lookeda at the site. VERSION 2.1 is UP. Anyway, see you all soon, and finally--enjoy the site!

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