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This is, the site of Jamie Sandel, or 'Windfoxj'. I use it as a creative outlet, tool for communication, and more. I'm hoping to expand it further to be a bit more interesting in the future, but for the time being I'll take small victories.

The site interface should be clear--scroll over the icons on the left to see what page of the site they link to. If you want, for some reason, to go back to the first page (index)...type it in the URL bar.

I made the site on Mozilla Composer, a little branch of Mozilla's "suite" program, Seamonky (the next generation of the Mozilla suite). Composer is a simple but useful program which I combined with raw HTML tweakings to create the page.

Mailing list - if you'd like to be periodically informed about significant updates to the site, you can sign up on a mailing list. Just send an email to: mail AT windfoxj DOT com (you know the drill, replace the words with their respective symbols) expressing your interest.

Questions? I love FAQs! Send me an email at: info AT windfoxj DOT com , and I'll send you a reply and post it on a FAQ page. (NOTE: Email is not up quite yet. My administrator has to create them for me.)

Suggestions? Same thing! I'm always open to input. Just shoot an email to suggestions AT windfoxj DOT com. (NOTE: Same email problem goes for this address.)

Enjoy the site!
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